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Developer World Mobile news: Develop remote camera apps

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This month: Learn how to develop camera remote apps

in this month's issue of our newsletter we put focus on the Camera Remote API and the new Enterprise SDK, but as always, we have a lot of other things going on:
  • We just hosted a Ludum Dare #29 hackathon at our office in Lund, Sweden. It was a great weekend of passionate coding, and as always fun to meet a lot of devs F2F.
  • You'll also have the chance to meet us at a number of developer events going forward. We're at Droidcon Berlin in Germany on May 8-10, at Android Developer Days Ankara in Turkey on May 16-17, and at Droidcon Tel Aviv on Jun 11-12.
  • We've also published a lot of interesting stories and tools lately, which you can read about below. Also, don't miss our submission of the widget-like Gadget framework for Firefox OS, which potentially could add completely new functionality to the Firefox OS platform.
Stay tuned to Developer World Mobile for more news coming up!

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Develop remote control apps for Sony cameras
We've just released a new version of the Camera Remote API beta SDK, with more API features for the DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 Lens-Style Cameras. You can now develop remote control apps that can access features like exposure mode and ISO settings. Read all about it on Sony Developer World!
Introducing the Sony Enterprise SDK
Introducing the Sony Enterprise SDK
Introducing the Sony Enterprise SDK
The Sony Enterprise SDK 3.0 was just released for selected partners, and it's an extension to the Android Device Administration API that's used to restrict certain features in a device. If your company is providing solutions for policy enforcement, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us on Developer World Mobile.
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Runtime Resource Overlay the new sensor co-processor
Runtime Resource Overlay
Sony contributes Runtime Resource Overlay framework to Android
Just recently, a new framework called Runtime Resource Overlay (RRO) was contributed by Sony to the Android code base. This framework provides the ability to replace application resources while the application is running. Read more about it on Developer World Mobile.
the new sensor co-processor
Lower the power consumption in Xperia devices with the new sensor co-processor
Have you heard about the self-contained sensor co-processor that is included in several of the latest Xperia devices? In order to decrease power consumption, this co-processor enables continuous data collection in the background without using the main application processor. Read more on Developer World Mobile.
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Featured app of the month: Evernote
The app of the month is Evernote, the great data organiser app that allows you to manage and share information such as audio, text, photos and videos, and sync it between all your devices. Download today and start organising your life!
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